The Vision

JIWYA has the following core vision:

1. Source responsibly and locally: Every art in our pieces is enriched with fibers and materials from their local ecosystem. This strongly reduces the textile's carbon footprint.

2. Purely plant based at every single step: Fibers, yarns, manufacturing, processing, embellishments, and stitching supplies.

3. Relying on regenerative agriculture for our plant based resources: Native varieties of cotton (many other native fibers to be launched in our upcoming collections), plant based dyes sourced from small businesses that rely ecologically on forests around them for their livelihood.

4. Transparency and People First Culture: Every artist and employee involved in our production gets a face on our website and is always fairly compensated for their worth and time.

5. Zero Waste: The water from our processing goes to the soil in our gardens, since it is purely plant based. Every scrap from our production is upcycled until it is so small that we cannot upcycle it, then we compost it.

6. Quality, Functionality, Hand-Made Excellence: We are proudly 100% handmade, that means, we also value the minor marks that comes with a non-machine made system. We rely on strict quality control, our founder's being two textile scientists, they have merged textile chemistry and natural materials to ensure colour and finish functionality in our products.

7. Nourishing local ecosystems: Each artist we work with has provided us with challenges they face. We are actively working on making things easier for them- technically, socially and artistically. We will be sharing our regular reports on this subject soon.

8. Planet-friendly packaging: We use locally manufactured unbleached cotton for our first layer bags and care labels. We have recycled paper as cushioning, tags and mailers in packaging. We use compostable bioplastic as a middle layer to protect the pieces during transportation. Lastly, all the inks we use in labels and stamping are certified biodegradable.