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The Bann Handmade Wooden Frame

The Bann Handmade Wooden Frame

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The Bann Handmade Wooden Frame is a vernacular wall art in a rare form because you can place this painting on either edge and it will look the same.

The painting is made on a cotton canvas is the Mithila hand painting from Madhubani in Bihar. Hence, the paintings are also called Madhubani paintings. For this particular piece, the artist went back to their roots and harnessed natural colours to solidify the roots of the art form for us. . The uniqueness of the art form lies of using a kalam to paint the intricate details. Only when you own one can you appreciate the changing thickness of the outlines and try to guess the diameter of the kalam.
The painting is affixed on a naturally plant dyed Ikat handloom cotton fabric from Andhra Pradesh. A natural teakwood lined handmade frame is used to house the elegant painting that provides a special feel to the wall art.

Art: Hand Painted Madhubani/Mithila Art from Bihar in Curated Sagwan, Ikat handloom from Andhra Pradesh
Time Spent To Curate: 40+ days
Material: Plant Colours on Khadi Canvas with teakwood and glass
Size: 9" x 17.5"

Natural, hand-dyed colours and handspun-handwoven products have some inherent variations. These make the product beautiful with its hand curated mark.

This curated fabric-wooden frame is a limited edition singular piece hand-painted by National Award Winning Artisan.

  • Purely Plant Made
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Artistically Curated
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