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The Champa Handmade Beach Set

The Champa Handmade Beach Set

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The Champa Handmade Beach Set is a breezy, soft, layered set, perfect for a day at the beach or in the outdoors.

This organic cotton fabric is handwoven and natural plant dyed using used marigold flowers. This particular technique of plant dyeing is popularly called leaf-printing, where temple flowers are tightly wound into the fabric to transfer their natural colour. This piece was made with a lot of love from specially abled persons. The design of this set focuses on invoking a feeling of joy through the molten gold colours and lightness through the drape. The straps are hand-braided to add a plus factor.

  • Art: Cotton Handloom, Leaf printing from Kerala
  • Time Spent To Curate: 30+ days
  • Material: Organic cotton and linen, natural plant colours, mirrors
  • Available Size: XS, S, M

Natural, hand-dyed colours and handspun-handwoven products have some inherent variations. These make the product beautiful with its hand curated mark.

This curated set is a limited edition singular piece. If you would like to custom-size this piece other than the standard sizes mentioned in the size guide, please mention the same at checkout.

  • Purely Plant Made
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Artistically Curated
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