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The Champaka Handmade Tapestry

The Champaka Handmade Tapestry

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The Champaka Handmade Tapestry is an earthy wall art that's rustic in nature.

The tapestry is handmade with the rug making art of Warangal Durrie and adorned with challas of Dabu hand-block print from Rajasthan. Its earthy tones get a dash of colour with the Machilipatnam style of Kalamkari. The tapestry uses naturally plant dyed shades of red, soil and indigo and is embellished with natural jute thread handwork.

  • Art: Handwoven Warangal Durrie Art, Dabu Hand-Block print from Rajasthan, Machilipatnam Kalamkari and Jute Yarns from West Bengal
  • Time Spent To Curate: 30-40 days
  • Material: Unbleached cotton yarn, natural jute yarn, natural plant colours
  • Size: 36.5" x 25"

Natural, hand-dyed colours and handspun-handwoven products have some inherent variations. These make the product beautiful with its hand curated mark.

This curated tapestry is a limited edition singular piece.

  • Purely Plant Made
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Artistically Curated
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