Purely Plant Based Wearable Artworks


Wear Your Values. We Sew Ours In

  • Daastan 2024 Collection by JIWYA

    Plant-powered, heritage, authentic, handmade stories. Walk through the 100+ textile arts made wearable for you through JIWYA

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  • Decor by JIWYA

    Plant-powered artworks, looking back to create history. Age old artistic wisdom meeting a promise of compassion at Decor by JIWYA

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 Know the JIWYA Story

After 19,000 kms, 200+ cities, in the company of 150+ textiles artisans, JIWYA was born. Our founders are textile scientists and innovators leading the Indian plant-based luxury fashion movement. They are establishing a purely planet friendly textile supply chain; one where planet, people, animal stand before profits; where heritage and age old wisdom come together to make craftsmanship like never seen before!