What is purely plant based clothing?

At JIWYA, we ensure that all the components in our products including raw materials, colours, accessories, trims are sourced from plants and plant-derived materials.

What do you mean by natural/ plant-based dyes/colours?

All our products are dyed using colours made from flowers, vegetable peels, skins, roots, stems, etc. Certain exquisite colours are also derived from naturally occurring minerals.

What do you mean by curated products?

All products are handcrafted, carefully selected and designed as one-of-a-kind. Each product is made in only 1 or 2 units.

Will the clothes shrink after the first wash?

No, all our pieces are made from pre-washed fabrics, and we wash it again before it is shipped. Hence, they are not prone to further shrinking.

Will the products be the exact same as shown on the website?

Since our products are hand-woven and hand-dyed using plant-based dyes; the print and the colours might be slightly different from what you see in the displayed pictures. The uniqueness of handloom and handcrafted products is in its non-perfection. However, there won’t be a major difference in the actual product from the image on the website.


Does JIWYA offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, we offer global shipping at standard shipping charges.

What payment methods can I use on the JIWYA website?

We accept debit and credit card options such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. For any payment related help reach out to us at hello@jiwya.com     

Does JIWYA offer size customization as per my size?

Yes, we offer custom sizing. Please add a note to your order at the checkout or email at hello@jiwya.com with your sizing information.


Since all the clothing products at JIWYA are plant-based and natural, are there any special wash care instructions to be followed?

The products at JIWYA are durable and have been washed before shipping out to you. However, since they are plant dyed, there are a few considerations to note:

  • We recommend a hand wash, but also are aware that most garments are washed in the washing machine. In that case, please use cold water < 30°C and wash the garments inside out. 
  • Please use only mild detergent as stronger chemicals may affect the shade and are bad for the environment.
  • Wash the garments with like colours only, in case some colour fades during initial washes.
  • We recommend you to air dry your garments in shade only, and do not use tumble try.
  • If ironing is required, use a low iron settings inside out.
  • Do not use bleaching chemicals, as they might affect the colour and are toxic to many water bodies.
  • Avoid spot cleaning of garments using chemicals.
  • Although we don’t recommend dry cleaning of our garments, you can make the best judgement for some of our gowns and delicate pieces.


How do I care for my exclusive JIWYA piece?

As most of them are plant dyed, try to not dry them in direct sunlight, as sunlight is known to increase fading in natural colours.