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The Baaloo Handmade Dress

The Baaloo Handmade Dress

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The Baaloo Handmade Dress is a straight fit sheer dress that feels like next skin, made using exquisitely handwoven jamdani in unbleached cotton.

This simple yet elegant design uses finest handspun, handwoven Muslin and intricate Jamdani weave. Muslin is always handspun to weave finest threads into an almost transparent fabric. The finer the thread, higher its count, lighter and more transparent the fabric is! Jamdani on other hand is a weave native to West Bengal that has its own signature style of adding extra weft to weave the butis and create the lightest piece you will own in your wardrobe.

  • Art: Handwoven Jamdani and Muslin from West Bengal
  • Time Spent To Curate: 90+ days
  • Material: Unbleached cotton, natural plant colours
  • Available Size: XS

Natural, hand-dyed colours and handspun-handwoven products have some inherent variations. These make the product beautiful with its hand curated mark.

The fabric is handwoven by a Padma Shri Award Winning Artisan. This curated dress is a limited edition singular piece. If you would like to custom-size this piece other than the standard sizes mentioned in the size guide, please mention the same at checkout.

  • Purely Plant Made
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Artistically Curated
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