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The Kamdhenu Handmade Wooden Frame

The Kamdhenu Handmade Wooden Frame

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The Kamdhenu Handmade Wooden Frame is one of the finest and most exquisite pieces curated by us.

The figure of three cows, which looks almost like a painting is actually a supremely finely woven Venkatagiri Jamdani art form in unbleached and natural indigo dyed cotton yarn. The art form involves hand-weaving of the finest counts of cotton yarns to create an ethereal, see-through textile tapestry. The designs are all in the artist's head, like a muscle memory or a skill that they learnt like an heirloom. They start weaving and as you stand and observe, the said design starts to take form. The beauty and exclusivity of this piece is that it looks the same on the front and the back side. This particular piece took the artist over 3 months to prepare, requiring a great a deal of imagination and careful weaving to ensure that symmetry of the herd of cows was maintained as best possible.

Art: Hand Woven Venkatagiri Jamdani in Curated Sagwan
Time Spent To Curate: 120-140 days
Material: Plant Colours on fine cotton with teakwood and glass
Size: 38" x 50" (3.16 ft x 4.16 ft)

Natural, hand-dyed colours and handspun-handwoven products have some inherent variations. These make the product beautiful with its hand curated mark.

This curated fabric-wooden frame is a limited edition singular piece hand-woven by National and Sant Kabir Award Winning Artisan.

  • Purely Plant Made
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Artistically Curated
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